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CEO'S Vision

Raising The Bar Since our inception in April 2012, we have seen consistent progression and exceptional success. While some may attribute this to luck, I believe that the sheer motivation to deliver only the best to our customers through integrity and single-minded dedication, coupled with compelling management, has been predominantly instrumental in the success of United e-Services.

I draw inspiration from several illustrious leaders and managers worldwide. Foremost among these eminent individuals is Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of Manchester United, among the most successful and valuable franchises in sports. Sir Alex, hailed as one of the greatest coaches in history, had mentioned the following in an interview; it is something that I hold close to my heart, and strive to implement every day:

“Leadership is a quality that your personality transmits itself to everyone. The philosophy of your thinking that you hope transmits itself to those all around you. Your control, your discipline, all these things are mightily important. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in.”

In my daily interactions with my talented employees, I constantly endeavor to lead by example, to be an inspiration and a true mentor to them, and this is a credo that helps me greatly. We believe in the value of creating robust client relationships and strategic partnerships through quality people, outstanding service and superior technology. With consistent adherence to these principles, we are confident of establishing United e-Services as one of the global leaders in contact support.


Arpit Parakh

CEO, United E services