United e-Services’ Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) service provides companies with effective access to a high quality talent pool of legal professionals. Effectively, Legal Process Outsourcing can reduce costs for corporate legal departments and law firms up to 75%. Legal services are high-risk, sensitive and highly complex, and outsourcing legal work to highly-qualified attorneys and paralegals gives you a clear competitive advantage over other law firms and corporations in terms of cost, quality and turnaround time.

Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

Receive world-class LPO services from our experienced attorneys and professionals in a structured process

Stay ahead of your competition

Significantly reduce your company’s legal process expenses

Improve your company’s efficiency by utilizing your internal resources to concentrate on your core businesses

Minimize business and legal risks

Allocate increased time to your clients thus creating greater value for your organization

Legal Research & Analysis

  • End-to-end support for legal database service providers
  • In-depth legal analysis and coding of court orders and opinions
  • Sourcing decisions, briefs and other database specific legal documents
  • Thorough in-house quality control before submitting content to client interface
  • Forum Conveniens

Contract Drafting & Review

  • Contract Management
  • Contract Abstraction
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Consulting Services
  • Terms and Conditions for Website Usage
  • Online Privacy Policies for Websites
  • IP Licensing Agreements
  • Property Lease or Rental Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements

Legal Drafting

  • Motions in Limine
  • Daubert Motions
  • Memoranda
  • Opinion Letters
  • Pre-trial orders
  • Jury instructions
  • Discovery Requests and Responses
  • Complaints and Response to complaints
  • Pleadings
  • Notices
  • Legal Opinions
  • Trail Brief
  • Arguments

General Legal Research

  • Issue Specific Legal Case Law Research
  • Industry Specific Regulatory Research
  • Customized Presentation of Findings
  • Findings summarized in charts and graphs for quick overview
  • Case Law Research
  • Legislative History Research
  • Secondary Source Research
  • Jury Verdict & Settlement Research

Physical and Data Security

At United e-Services, the security and confidentiality of your data is of paramount importance to us. Some of the security measures we employ:
  • Meticulous physical and logical controls
  • A premium security management team
  • Information security procedures which ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your data
  • Strict policies enforced to restrict access to removable media where required
  • Fully encrypted communication and collaboration tools for messaging, e-mail and VoIP calls
  • Encryption of all intermediate and final work products to prevent access outside the intended work group