Consumer surveys are another important aspect of the services offered at United e-Services. Consumer Successful companies all over the world rely on consumer surveys to evaluate their specific market and the attitude of their consumers. With United e-Services’ excellent Consumer Survey Services, you can significantly improve your marketing strategies, increase visibility and boost sales.

Consumer research is based principally on consumer habits and uses, attitudes, retention, and new product acceptance. Consumer habits and user surveys are directed at assessing usage situations.

Survey results detect what steps should be taken to achieve consistently high levels of customer service and customer satisfaction, which will lead to increased customer loyalty and sales. Taking action based on customer service survey results helps companies to turn call center sales and service transactions into positive memorable experiences.

How Our Consumer Survey Services
Can Benefit Your Company?


- Identify the demographics of your target audience, including: age, gender, income,
marital status, education levels and leisure activities
- Assess the motivation behind people’s purchasing decisions Identify when
and where people shop
- Discover if people have a need for your product or service
- Estimate current awareness of your brand versus your competitors’
- Ascertain if there is an untapped market for your product or service
- Get an in-depth comprehension of people’s buying habits


Types of Consumer Survey Services we provide

  • Marketing Surveys
  • Consumer & Market Profiling
  • Concept Testing
  • Branding, Naming, and Positioning Testing
  • Discrete Choice Analysis
  • Awareness, Attitude, and Usage (AAU) Surveys
  • Retail Market Research
  • Consumer Satisfaction, Retention & Loyalty Survey