An atmosphere of fun, a sense of team camaraderie, a relaxed yet highly productive working environment with state-of-the-art facilities these are just some of the attributes that make life- and work at United e-Services so enjoyable. Our management team believes firmly in the principle that a congenial and positive atmosphere at work is the holy grail of productivity, and that it will always transmit to the customer. Great compensation and benefits, excellent work-life balance, challenging career opportunities, and a committed team with some of the brightest young minds in the industry add to the allure of working at United e-Services.

Why United?


  • Biplab

    United e-Services distinguishes itself very well from other contact service companies in terms of its focus and clarity of vision. It has been a wonderful journey for me in United e-Services wherein the freedom and visibility afforded to me has helped immensely in furthering my career.

  • Arpita

    United e-Services has grown extensively from the time I joined. United e-Services has an open culture, a great work environment, and extends a sense of belonging to employees, which is favourable to future growth.

  • Sam

    I enjoy what I do here at United e-Services – solving problems and helping to ensure our customers are satisfied. I draw inspiration from all the people I work with and I like that I learn something new every day. There is a great deal of opportunity here and one can have a career – not just a job. I started with United e-Services as a Customer Service Agent and was promoted into my current role as a Supervisor!


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