At United e-Services, we strongly believe that the world-class services we offer must be reinforced by equally top-notch infrastructure. To this end, we can confidently claim to possess the best in the business. Here are some highlights of our company facilities and infrastructure:

  • Full-scale operations run entirely on high-end IBM servers with Noble Systems dialer technology
  • Exclusive usage of Sangoma Cards and L2 and L3 manageable switches
  • Comprehensive Data Security
  • 24x7 Power Backup
  • Comprehensive fire-fighting system in place in all corporate locations

It is noteworthy that, in an industry where 98% of the companies use ViCi Dial, a free open-source technology for all voice-based telemarketing operations in India, United e-Services has invested close to $60,000.00 to upgrade to the latest cutting-edge technology as mentioned above. In a perpetually evolving market where it is so crucial to keep abreast of the newest technological innovations, we believe in constant advancement – ever moving forward, never static. The need is to adapt while continuing to optimize operational efficiency and customer service.

In a perpetually evolving market, it is crucial to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations, which is why we believe in constant advancement.

Standing still is as good as going backwards a mantra that we hold close to our hearts.